We are back!

Last Thursday we got back to the good ‘ol USA. Never has it felt better to get back home. We have tons of pictures and video to share. We have spent the last few days doing Christmas and getting our internal clocks readjusted. It has been a tough job getting back on track for everyone but especially for Jaden. She is doing really well however and continues to open up more every day. Of course she is wonderful and we love her very much. Of all the baby girls I have ever seen, she is hands down the most beautiful (well what do you expect me to say?). She has a very interesting story of how she came to be a part of our family. At some point I will get that story together in a pdf format to share with the world.

To all who followed our trip via the yahoo group, thanks for “being there” with us. Your words of inspiration were greatly appreciated.

Everyone is adjusting

We are still getting adjusted to life with a little person. Jaden opens up a little more every day. We have mastered the car seat and the high chair but still dispise bathtime. She likes to be held but is getting a little more independent with playing on the floor with her toys.(and every little piece of something in the carpet!) She eats everything,( including the previously mentioned carpet junk) not picky at all, made the transition from Chinese rice to Mexican rice with no complaints! Her hair is getting longer and i am envious! Tait is a good big brother but he is loud and moves fast. Most the time she does not mind. (she did bite him once for picking her up!) He is due for a promotion for his purple belt soon. Says he does not like karate but likes getting his belts.

Is he missing something here???? I am in for an MRI of the brain today to follow up on my Gamma Knife procedure. I have not really thought much about what i will do if it was not successful. I just assume it was. Also will be cleaning out my classroom this afternoon. My medical retirement came through so i will be a retired teacher as of February 1. If my miracle comes through in the next two years, i can return to teaching. Right now i am feeling better and concentrating on being healthy. The stress-free life and extra sleep sure seem to be helping my body. I do miss my students and colleges. Sure gives me a great deal of time to think which is not always a safe thing!!

Have a double chin but not fat

When you have a double chin but not fat and you’ve ever tried to get rid of it, then you know precisely how hard which can be. For a few people dieting and exercise does not work. This runs specifically true for naturally skinny individuals who carry fat in the area of the chin. This will make many people seem like they are doomed to living a life having a double face fat.

If you are overweight, diet and exercise will help reduce as well as lose a double chin. But if being obese isn’t your trouble, after that it may perhaps be brought on by your genes. This is very frustrating, especially when you know chin exercises, straps, and also other devices claiming to lessen chin fat aren’t effective. This is the reason many people consider chin liposuction.

The liposuction is a kind of procedure nowadays. Before, the only option available ended up being possess a chin tuck or even a facelift. However, new associated with liposuction made the lipo the method of preference for eliminating this facial condition as a result of procedure’s decreased results.

One of the most popular forms of such liposuction is tumescent liposuction. This process of lipo involves injecting the location of treatment which has a mixture of several medications and also other 100 % natural ingredients. This mixture has two purposes: to numb the location of treatment and help separate body fat by reviewing the underlying structures. This method of chin liposuction boasts allows you tighten the overlying skin.

Because the cannulas found in this liposuction nowadays are so small, the incisions stated in the skin when performing chin lipo are incredibly tiny. To have an idea of precisely how small the cannulas are, suppose the size charge of an pencil – that’s about how wide a number of the cannulas are today. The main benefit of the tiny incisions is that they heal a lot faster and so they can be produced in parts of the chin where they may be barely detected, so scarring is kept to an absolute minimum. This can be one other reason why patients prefer such liposuction over a chin tuck.

In case you are overweight, exercise and diet is often rather effective in eliminating your chin fat. In case you’re genetically predisposed and you have double chin but not fat, then chin liposuction may be the only way you can get reduce it.

Making Herbal Remedies

Measuring Remedies

You can use standard spoons, droppers
or measuring cups for doses. Quantities for infusions and decoctions should be divided
into three equal doses.

Drop doses = 5-10 drops depending
on age and/or condition

1 ml = 20 drops

5 ml = 1 teaspoon

20 ml = 1 tablespoon

65 ml = 1/4 cup

130 ml = 1/2 cup

children and the elderly, doses should be reduced depending on age and/or bodyweight.
If pregnant, or suffering from gastric or liver inflammation or when treating children
use non-alcoholic tinctures.


An infusion is made the same way you make tea, well, quite close. Bring
water almost to a boil then pour over the herb. Let sit for 10 minutes then pour
through a sieve or strainer. Store leftovers in a cool place.

Standard dose: 1/2 cup three times each day.


This is used mostly for roots, bark, twigs and berries. Heat the herb
in cold water and simmer up to one hour. Make the quantity to be used fresh each
day. Strain through a sieve into a pitcher or tea cup.

Standard dose: 1/2 cup three times each day.


You make tinctures by steeping the dried or fresh herb in a 25% mixture
of alcohol and water. The alcohol not only extracts the plants active ingredient
by serves as a preservative. Vodka is ideal for use at home. Most commercial tinctures
use ethyl alcohol. If you are making a tincture from a bitter or unappealing tasting
herb consider using rum; it helps to mask the taste.

Put the herbs in a large jar and cover with water/vodka mix. Seal and store for
two weeks; shake occasionally. Poor mixture through cheesecloth into wine press.
Press the mixture into a jug. Pour the strained liquid into clean dark glass bottles.

Standard dose: 5 ml three times each day.Dilute
in water with some honey or fruit juice.


Compresses are used to help wounds heal. Soak a clean piece of soft cloth
in a hot infusion or herbal extract. Squeeze out excess liquid.

Standard dose: use a standard infusion decoction or 5-20 ml tincture in
500 ml of hot water.


Poultice are similar to compresses but the
whole herb is applied. Most poultices are applied hot. To prepare boil the fresh
herb, squeeze out extra liquid and spread it on the area affected. It is a good idea
to put a small amount of oil on the skin before putting the poultice on to prevent
the herb from sticking. Apply gauze or cotton to hold the herbs in place.

Standard dose: Use enough herbs to cover area,
replace every 2-4 hours.


The Complete Medicinal

Herbal pages 120-124.

Homeopathy Explained

Homeopathy is a holistic, meaning complete, approach to the treatment of illness. A homeopathic treatment will address everything about a person, their well-being, their mental state, their physical affirmaties etc.

Homeopathic remedies come from natural sources, but this does not mean that they are herbal medicines. A homeopathic remedy uses the same elements which would cause a healthy person to undergo the symptoms which the sick person is experiencing. By stimulating the symptoms in the body the body is encouraged to develop the cure which will fight the disease.

The homeopathic remedy is a combination of the elements which will cause the body to show the desired symptoms, normally 10% of the mixture and a medium. A medium carries the remedy. Commonly used mediums are alcohol or lactose. This mixture is not immediately introduced to the body. Instead it is shaken until completely combined then only 10% of it is added to another 90% medium. This process can be carried on 3 times, 30 times and so on. “The further a substance is attenuated away from the original substance the more powerful is becomes for healing.” —What Makes A Remedy Homeopathic

ho*me*op*a*thy definition: n. a system of treating disease by administering small doses of a drug which would cause a healty person to have the symptoms of the disease under treatment [fr. Gk homoios, of the same kind +pathos, suffering.]

It is important to keep in mide that homeopathic remedies can not harm the body. If you choose to use one of these remedies yourself please consult your physician and stick to the 30x potency. Remedies are best taken when you haven’t eaten recently [15+ minutes]. Don’t eat or drink for another 15 minutes.

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of the English Language page 463.

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and Alternatives Group 17 page 81.

What Makes A Remedy Homeopathic
by Michel Igbal Dr. of Homeopathy